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Case Results

People v. AR (Markham Courthouse)

Charges: Gun Possession, Drug Possession

Outcome: Not Guilty

AR was charged with Class 2 gun possession and Class 2 possession of narcotics. AR was facing 3-7 years on each count for a maximum total of 14 years possible. The police alleged that he dropped a gun and drugs and ran away from an empty lot. After a thorough cross-examination, Mr. De Leon successfully discredited the police officers’ version of events and the Judge found the defendant not guilty of all charges.

People v. KG

Charges: Murder, Attempted Murder, Aggravated Battery

Outcome: Not Guilty

KG was charged with murder, attempted murder, and aggravated battery after a fight where the victim was beaten and stabbed to death. Mr. De Leon was hired to take the case to trial. After a thorough cross-examination of three key witnesses for the prosecution, Mr. De Leon discredited all three, and KG was found not guilty of all charges.

People v. MJ

Charges: Armed Robbery and Aggravated Battery

Outcome: Not Guilty

MJ was charged with armed robbery and aggravated battery of a taxi driver. After Mr. De Leon put together a vigorous defense plan, the defendant testified that the cab driver tried to throw the defendant out of his cab after a dispute arose. MJ was found not guilty of all charges!

People v. SG

Charges: Kidnapping

Outcome: Not Guilty

SG was charged with kidnapping her son, who she was forbidden to see as her son was in DCFS custody. The police claim she kidnapped him from his school and took him to stay at another location. During a bench trial, Mr. De Leon successfully and thoroughly cross-examined the officers and discredited their testimony and the Judge found SG not guilty!