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About the Firm

Welcome to John DeLeon & Associates, where Senior Criminal Defense Attorney John DeLeon provides aggressive criminal defense representation in the State of Illinois and nationwide. If you stand accused of a crime, you need effective legal representation to put the matter behind you quickly and minimize its impact on your life. Learn about Attorney John DeLeon and how the firm of John DeLeon & Associates can represent you in criminal matters.

About John DeLeon & Associates

A criminal defense law firm located in Chicago, John DeLeon & Associates welcomes anyone in the greater Chicagoland area who needs a powerful and dedicated criminal lawyer. With nearly four decades of legal experience, Attorney John DeLeon understands all aspects of criminal law proceedings and can explain everything clearly to clients. The firm delivers an aggressive criminal defense to all charges, with a focus on securing a “Not Guilty” verdict. When necessary, the firm fiercely negotiates a reduction of the charges or a minimum sentence.

When you stand accused of a crime, retaining the right lawyer can make all the difference in getting your charges reduced and minimizing the allegation’s impact on your lives. Seek help from the law firm of John DeLeon & Associates. The firm delivers thorough legal representation and helps clients to prepare for the courtroom trial. Attorney DeLeon can properly prepare clients on giving testimony in court, seek eyewitnesses who can corroborate a client, and do everything possible to advocate for a client’s rights under the law.